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Take Your Business to the Next Level with PROFIT INDEX™

World-Class All-In-One Agency Marketing Agency for Entrepreneurs Looking to Grow and Scale RAPIDLY Online

A Limited Time Opportunity to Work with Some of the World’s Top Marketers And Generate MASSIVE ROI with Your Marketing Plan

Stop wasting thousands of dollars on other agencies and consultants who will happily spend your money just for testing...and get little to no results.
Tai Lopez and Rudy Mawer have created the go-to marketing firm that combines website tech, funnels, copy and ads, with Tai + Rudy's unique strategy, connections and influence. This provides a all-in-one solution for business owners to grow and scale their business using proven techniques and cutting-edge marketing strategies.
With over three decades of combined experience in digital marketing and tens of millions made online, Tai and Rudy help develop high-converting funnels and ad campaigns that designed to get results FAST..


  • Generated over $100M with his own businesses and brands
  • Forbes Top Ten Influencer
  • Spent over $50 mill on paid ads to date
  • ​Marketing online since 2005
  • ​Mastered social media marketing and developed bestselling SMMA™ course
  • ​Has developed several multi-million dollar brands, including MentorBox and Knowledge Society
  • Owner of Dressbarn and Serial Investor


  • Built and scaled 3 multi-million $ businesses of his own
  • ​ Marketing online with Facebook ads since 2011
  • ​Helps generate $100M+ in combined revenue for clients
  • ​The go-to marketer for Celebs, Olympic Athletes, Movie Stars, 9 Figure Businesses
  • ​Recognized as the Top 5 Facebook Ads & Funnel Experts in the world

PROFIT INDEX Clients Include...

Everything You Need to Grow and Scale Your Business Online


What Makes PROFIT INDEX Different?

  • Tai and Rudy personally involved every week with developing your funnel and strategy
  • ​Track record of success, generating millions of dollars in revenue and spending over $XXX in ad spend profitably
  • World-class team of media buyers, copywriters, designers and marketers working behind the scenes on your projects
  • ​Dedicated Project Manager to coordinate all your projects and work with you everyday
  • 100% custom funnel builds using the best practices in marketing and mobile optimization for rapid success
  • ​Flexible ‘Done For You’ and ‘Done With You’ options available for all types of businesses who want to succeed online

Here Are Two Ways to Work with Tai, Rudy & the Profit Index Team


Perfect For Companies Generating $1M+ in Revenue with Marketing Budgets Over $100,000 Who Want a High-Level Marketing Team to Grow and Scale FAST


  • Customized Strategy & Execution Plan Monthly With Rudy Or Tai ($5,000 value)
  • Full Management of Project & 1-1 Calls with Your Dedicated PM ($3,000 value)
  • Full Facebook and Google Ads Management, including Copy and Design ($8,000 value)
  • ​Dedicated High-Level Copywriters, Writing Emails, Landing Pages & Full Funnels ($8,000 value)
  • ​Complete Funnel Build, CRO/Optimization and Strategy ($5,000 value)
  • ​Custom Graphic Design & Videos ($5,000 value)
  • ​Full Data Analytics & Dashboard ($2,000 value)

Total monthly value = $36,000

But you can get it ALL, Starting At $20,000 A Month, 4 Month Minimum


A Hybrid Done-With-You Service That Combines A Value-Packed Mastermind with Our Facebook Ads Management Service


  • Full Access to Mastermind ($2,000 value per month)
  • Private Weekly Live Coaching From Tai &/or Rudy ($5,000 value per month)
  • 1-1 Calls As You Need With Tai’s In-House Marketing Experts in Sales, Tech, Design, Copy, Google, Facebook & More ($1,000 per call in value)
  • ​Members Area With Thousands Of Dollars in Courses & Training (Priceless!)
  • ​New Copy & Paste Marketing Assets Based On Our Millions Of $ in Testing (Priceless!)
  • ​Facebook Ads Co-Management ($3,500 value per month)
  • ​15 of Our 1 Million $ Funnels to Copy & Paste Funnels ($100,000 value)
  • ​Access to Private Live Events ($3,000/event)
  • ​Access to Tai & Rudy’s Inner Circle (Priceless!)

Total 6 Month Value = Over $200,000, you get it today for...

Only $15,000 For 6 Months, Or, $3,000 a Month

Past Client Results When Working with Rudy/Tai & the Team

*Please note: Some of these testimonials and client results are from Rudy’s previous agency, before we built Profit Index. However, all the methods, team, and tactics remain the same

Successful Launch + Over 40,000 Leads!

“They are fantastic. They are faithful geniuses...they have an incredible team that can help you with many aspects of your business, including your sales copy, landing pages...the entire team is SO dynamic. ” 
~ Isa,

400% Boost in Leads

“The best marketing agency experience I’ve ever had...I’ve never worked with a company that truly CARES about their clients in the way that I’ve seen they care...hire them right now!”
~ Sterling, LifeChanger Academy

Fantastic Work with Facebook Ads!

 “We’ve had fantastic work on the Facebook ads side from Rudy and his team...and they’ve been killing it for us with sales page copy, design and coding.” 
~ Spencer, Microbe Formulas

Help You Build a Business Better than You Can Do On Your Own!

“Our goal was to try and do $100K in 24 hours. The team helps build a business for you, bigger than what you could do on your own. They never miss a phone call, never miss a beat.” 
~ Mike, Coffee Over Cardio

First Agency to Scale to Cold Traffic

“Those guys were absolutely crushing it for us and our business running Facebook ads... they’re constantly testing new stuff and getting new stuff out there. It’s only been a few months but we’re seeing a positive ROI week after week after week.” 
~ Jonathan, Organixx

Biggest Month in the History of Our Company!

In less than 30 days of being with the team, we had the biggest month in the history of our company... I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have the best of the best on my team…” 
~ Christina, Beautiful Disaster

ROI Within the First Few Months!

“So in the first few months of working with the team, we generated a 10x return on ad spend on our webinar funnel...they’ve been absolutely awesome to work with...The team are awesome communicators, a really great bunch of people, and they get things done.” 
~ Niyc, Positive Psychologist & Success Coach

They Do Everything, 3X Faster

“These guys have been a huge help to us. It’s basically like hiring an additional marketing team…you have an entire crew...they all work really well together so things get done faster...we’re about to launch funnels about 3x faster.” 
~ Eric, Lexapure Nutrition

They Take On ALL the Work for You! 

"You don’t really have to do anything at all because they take on all the work for you...he [Rudy] does such a good job of taking care of everyone that he works with.”
~ Lauren

Made a Drastic Impact to My Business!

“The drastic changes on my business have already been massive...Facebook ads, funnels, lead generation, upselling, all of these things I’ve worked with over the last 6 months with them.” 
~ Dr. Chris Spearman

Don’t Hire Them for Your Ads

“What I love about them is not only do they understand how to acquire new leads and clients for your business, they’ve actually done it themselves...They're always adding value, always looking for ways to make the pie bigger, not just take their slice. In summary, don’t hire them - they're so good I want them to myself!” 
~ Yuri

Unprecedented Results & 60,000 Leads Per Month

“The numbers have been super impressive...we’re doing $7M annually so it’s helpful to have the right people to make things work...they are bringing us in about 15,000 leads a week with our docuseries...these guys are crushing it!” 
~ Jonathan, Health Secrets

Over 400% Growth in 3 Months!

“They scaled us to be 4x bigger within the first few months...very impressive result and it’s just a lot more than just marketing...the copy they come up, the creative content ideas, the funnel ideas and frankly the business advice too...I consider them friends, mentors and partners...I would recommend them to everybody!”
~ Ishan, Decibel Hearing Aids

Mastered My Voice & Scaled My Brand - The Best Agency Experience Ever

“My company would not be doing what it’s doing now without [them]. Their ability to nail my message, from Day 1, the very first ad they made for me was better than any ad I’ve ever had for any of my programs or products...they were able to help me with my message to my target market... everything they’ve done so far has been the best experience.” 
~ Aaron, AthleteX

Turn to the experts at Profit Index for a complete marketing gameplan using the exact same formulas and methods that have helped us grow multi-million dollar brands!

Turn to the experts at Profit Index for a complete marketing gameplan using the exact same formulas and methods that have helped us grow multi-million dollar brands!



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